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At Val Wade Recruitment we take the health and safety of all our staff extremely seriously – in line with our work place policies (

With the current challenges that the Covid 19 Virus outbreak is causing we felt it prudent to inform our clients and candidates that we are instigating some processes that will help mitigate this risk to our company and the organisations we work with. These include but not limited to:

  1. Immediately inform our clients if one of our temporary workers is ill with cold or flu symptoms and has been self isolating.
  2. Immediately inform our clients if one of our temporary workers has recently travelled out of the UK to either high or low risk regions.
  3. Immediately inform our clients if one of our temporary workers intends to travel out of the UK.
  4. We will allow interviews with a prospective candidate which are normally conducted face to face in our offices to be held remotely over Skype (or similar) if the prospective candidate requests this.
  5. Informed all of our temporary workforce to take precautions in line with the guidelines issued by the NHS and the government’s Public Health website.
  6. We have advised all of our current temporary workers to speak to their line managers within their current employment for information on what the organisation will be doing to help minimise this risk.
  7. All of our staff have the capacity to work remotely from home if they feel unwell, in line with our Business Continuity Plan
  8. All of our staff have been advised to limit physical contact with prospective candidates when they visit our offices and are asking our staff to limit non essential business travel.
  9. All of our staff will take sensible precautions in regard to; washing hands regularly, disposing of tissues and waste responsibly and covering mouths and noses when sneezing and coughing. See link
    for further information:
  10. Immediately inform our clients of any changes that may effect the running of our clients day to day business.
  11. Ensure that our clients have taken reasonable steps to safeguard our temporary staff while they are at work within our clients offices.
  12. Ensure masks are worn in line with Government guidelines
  13. Ensure that candidates always have a face covering when employed by Val Wade Recruitment.